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Thank you Vilnius.

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Time flies. New year. 2016 has some things in store:

ARKHE will perform in Vilnius March 12th, at the ARMAGEDDON DESCENDS festival, alongside Satanismo Calibro 9, Sick Seed, Aosoth, among others. More information:

For the Vilnius concert, a new tape entitled “Downstream” will be released through Kafé Kaos.

At least two upcoming compilations will feature new ARKHE material.

Scandinavian War Crimes vol.2 will be finalized before spring rejuvenates us.

More info on that later.


An interesting analysis of Rift. Thank you Tor.



£5.00 – Email for payment details.


Arkhe Rift C-21
New cassette of astral industrial from this highly regarded Swedish outfit. Subtly worked negative space collides with resonant dark drone and dead star low-end. Includes a contribution from Shift. Packaged in a jewellery display box with black rose petals. Edition of 50 copies.

Information, mp3 sample and ordering details available – together with a multitude of other releases – at the CIPHER PRODUCTIONS WEBSITE


One year of silence broken once, then one month of intense activity.


Kafé Kaos: The SCANDINAVIAN WAR CRIMES comp is out and available from various distributors. Work has begun for volume 2.

Arkhe: RIFT was recently released through Cipher Productions. It is stunning, and highly limited so act fast. It concludes the first phase of Arkhe; a trilogy which began with IT IS THE CURSE OF DIMENSIONALITY three years ago and was continued with CHABRAT ZEREH AUR BOCHER in 2013. The latter has now been reissued by Virrash. 3xc20 diving into oneself, shedding skin and effluvia, attempted reaching and breaching the core of existence but as always failing. Phase 2 will be commenced later this year with the MARS SHINES THROUGH SCAFFOLDS OF TIME cassette album, which has finally been completed after a year and a half of work.

Also a hastily rehearsed live set was performed at the second United Forces of Industrial festival in London, the day after Walpurgis, replacing a last minute cancellation. It went down well, though rough.

Backasvinet:  harsh noise bliss from northeast Malmö. Second live performance this past weekend at the Röset festival, which saw the proper release of our debut tape GEVISOL/IVISOL through Elbogen Fonogram, dedicated to the angel of death AH.


Split tape with CAPERS co-released by Kafé Kaos / Teeth Tapes. Detta är inte spel det är mord. Heavy electronics, recorded some nights prior to the winter solstice 2014. Simplistic synthesizer brutality, no overdubs or editing. Available through various distributors shortly.


Further activites: live assault in Malmö 11/4, Arkhe – Rift (Cipher Productions), Backasvinet – Gevisol / Ivisol (Elbogen Fonogram), V/A – Scandinavian War Crimes (Kafé Kaos), Mars shines through scaffolds of time


“For Everything That Lives Is Holy” has been out for some time; still available from Nil By Mouth and elsewhere. The artwork is stunning.arkhe4

News from the Kafé Kaos quarters:

“A split tape (c24) from two new Swedish harsh noise entities, from the depths of the south. Pre-released at Röset 30/31-5 2014, now available for the general public.

BACKASVINET, last heard on the NORDÖSTRA MALMÖ compilation (Elbogen Fonogram 2012), serves here ugly gutter harsh noise of unknown origin. With connections to the industrial and hardcore scenes of southern Sweden.

PHÍ makes his tape début with 12 minutes of scraping loops, pulsating synthesizers and aggressive noise explosions, all with an air of melancholy enveloping it. If this is an indication towards where PHÍ will develop, we can safely add another name to the pantheon of Scandinavian harsh music.

A. BACKASVINET – Benches of Gerlach
B. PHÍ – Konsten att resa sig
(click for sample)

All label and band copies are sold out. Shortly available from the following distributors:



“Chabrat Zereh Aur Bocher” will be available after Dissonans (16/11) from various distributors + artist.

20 minutes, 40 copies, third release of the Kafé Kaos imprint. Photography and description by wherefrostreign – thank you.

Chabrat Zereh Aur Bocher“Clear, nuanced and meditative instrumental recordings with an edge towards devotional music. Side A is slow evolving and repetitive death industrial, which keeps the listener tentatively nailed for the duration. Side B have more of a withdrawn quality, focusing on sound that is fed in the background – thus inducing a V audial perspective in the listener. Oppressive constant synth work. Concrete sounds, field recordings, contact mics, synth and the suspected bass axe.”


3rd live performance for 2013:


Stockholm, Fylkingen – 16 november.






More information here.


Two tapes are due for release:

“Chabrat Zereh Aur Bocher”, c20 : Kafé Kaos.

“For everything that lives is Holy”, c30 : Nil by Mouth.

The Oslo performance will be accompanied by a 4-way split cassette, featuring Arkhe, Shift, Bizarre Uproar and Trepaneringsritualen. Strictly limited to 50 copies and only sold at the event. The tape compilation from Styggelse seems to be approaching as well.





Some updates are due.

Two tapes in the making. “FOR EVERYTHING THAT LIVES IS HOLY” through Nil By Mouth. “RIFT” through Cipher Productions. One old and regilded, one new. 

Comrade Cammack featured material by Arkhe and Pestdemon in his broadcast last week, heard here. Much obliged for the attention.